Invested Partnership ™

Imagine having a purposeful working atmosphere, where you and your business partners are in sync. It is easy to gain alignment, and every time your relationship deepens. 

Think about that talented and passionate partner in your business, who you respect and appreciate, but just don't see you two working together without tensions and misunderstandings that take time to clear up or sometimes may be hard to overcome… You are not alone in this frustration. 

We can help you engage the hearts and minds of your business partnership, flip your relationships at work so that your partners, coworkers, and you are inspired, and are in a state of flow while working your business objectives. 

We coach business partners, leadership teams, boards, to help create collaboration and gain new relationship intelligence skills.

You make progress live as we go, gain new insights and awareness generated through working with us, our strategies and tactics that stay with you. 

If you would like our help, please fill out the application to the right. We will review it and if it looks like we are well suited to be working together, then we will be reaching out to you directly.

COMING SOON: Invested Partnership Course

If you are partners in business, a leadership team, a new team in a startup, this course has everything you need to help you develop strong collaboration, effectiveness of business relationships, including tools of gaining clarity and alignment into your working process.

If you would like to be informed when the course launches its pilot, feel free to join the list: