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  • Are you starting up a new company or spinning off a subsidiary of a larger one?
  • Does the way your company works today hold your business back by unpredictable resistance, getting compliance instead of having people all-in?
  • Has the business, political or socio-economic environment of your business changed dramatically and your company needs to pivot its strategy or even identity? 

If you are a business owner or organizational leader experiencing these scenarios, we can help.



We consult with you and other stakeholders in your organization to leverage, align, transform, or design your organizational culture to either start your new company on the right foot, or turn your ship in a way that works FOR your strategy, not against it; or make your M&A successful without compromising profitability or growth while making a community a reality. We advise and bring our expertise, process, and tools, to your strategic advantage. You gain insights and awareness generated through working with us, our strategies, tools, and tactics. 

For your organization to be effective, its culture needs to support the way we are going to win in the market (business strategy). Business strategy depends on where your company is going (vision) and its identity and purpose (why the company exists and what the company is about).  

if your company identity, purpose, vision, and strategy need to be articulated before the culture work can be done, we can guide you through that part as well before we start working on your company culture. 

Apply to work with us live and receive custom solutions

For custom solutions (coaching, consulting, training) specifically tailored to your needs, we kindly ask you to let us know a little bit before we talk. We want to make sure we can help, so please fill out an application about your current challenges and desired outcomes. Your privacy is essential to us. Your answers will be kept confidential whether we work together or not. 


Cultured Company™ on demand course suite

Ready to do it out yourself? We offer a budget-friendly option. With our on demand courses on organizational culture you will be well equipped to:

  • develop organizational identity, purpose, vision, and strategy, and determine the key aspects of the culture your company needs
  • design organizational culture for a new organization
  • measure organizational culture in a way that gives actionable insights
  • align established culture to your business strategy

Culture transformation for situations when the company needs to shift its identity in response to external changes, is only offered in live consulting.  


Have Some Questions? We have answers!

We define culture as a shared way of doing things, in other words – the unwritten rules your company lives by. It includes behaviors, values, beliefs, norms, rules, systems, vernacular that are specific to a company.

There are many consulting companies offering culture work. You may have come across other cultural approaches, some of which may focus on establishing values, others on engagement, or climate – how employees feel about the company. These are important things, but they are an incomplete approach to culture. Such approaches are lacking the most powerful elements of culture producing the most tangible and fast difference: interpersonal relationships and organizational norms, rules, and systems. Focused on helping you develop an edge in your business, we disentangle the complexity of both. There are other approaches, prescribing what is best for all organizations. We believe that each company culture is, and should be unique, because its identity, purpose, vision, and strategy are different. 

We offer live custom consulting, coaching, and training, and more affordable on demand courses. 

In custom live consulting and training, the scope and the work are tailored to your company needs. We determine the price for each individual business scenario based on complexity of work anticipated at the time of proposal.

Coaching rates are set standard per hour and are subject to yearly review. Packages of coaching sessions may offer discounts.

We offer on demand courses at a flat fee. You can do work at your own pace while we hold your hand, guide you, and answer questions in Q&A sessions twice a month.  Do not expect that it will necessarily be faster if you take the course and apply it. You would be dealing with human systems, which in unpredictable and may take some getting used to if you are unfamiliar with this line of work. 

Each company has a culture, in each company there is collaboration if there is more than one person working. We have not encountered a company or industry where these principles and practices would not work.  

We focus on organizational culture and collaboration, and can help with succession planning and individual executive coaching. However, talent acquisition, employee relationships, compensation and benefits, are out of scope. We also don’t give legal, sales, or marketing advice.

This work improves your bottom line.

Organizational culture has been proven to facilitate or hinder business results. When the way an organization does things are aligned with what it wants to achieve, there is more decisiveness and better, faster delivery on objectives.

Effective collaboration saves time and effort, fosters innovation and creativity, as well as belonging and satisfaction for your employees. These outcomes lead not only to increased wellbeing for employees, but also to their higher engagement and productivity, which results in your business outcomes. 

Working together for us means working together. We will ask you to own the outcomes while we own the process and guide you through it. This would mean in consulting, for example, that we would be aligning on what we do and how do it, and review the outcomes and pivot if necessary. We will be providing support, tools, tactics, strategies for you to keep going on your own after our work together is over.

The more you put into this work, the more you get out of it. 

On demand courses are offered individually as well as a suite of thematically aligned courses. You get access to the course material shortly after the purchase. We offer a Q&A call session twice a month to answer questions. There is no Facebook group or any other social media group, but we encourage clients to engage with fellow students on our portal to amplify the learning. One license only for one user, unless otherwise specified.

We do not offer refunds to ensure that clients are fully committed to the courses, but we will make every effort to ensure the clients are satisfied. 

If you follow the modules and tasks and use templates and tools, as well ask questions in the Q&A sessions, you should be able to do it. If your business scenario is more complex than what is explained in the course, please reach out to us. Depending on your scenario, we may be able to advise you on what to do yourself, or offer you custom live consulting, coaching, or training. If we pivot to custom live training or consulting, we will adjust your price by the  amount you would have already paid for the course.