the unwritten rules your company lives by

set’em. use’em. Shift’em.

what are these unwritten rules?


Each company has rules (the do’s and the dont’s) about everything: what’s the right way to talk in meetings, what to prioritize in your daily work, how decisions are made, who is accountable, how to get promoted, how to work with coworkers from other departments, and more. These rules, set and reinforced by the founders, owners, or most senior leaders, drive the company to success or leave it lagging behind. 



Let’s get real: as a leader, you either establish these rules by design or they get established ad hoc, which may or may not be in service of your strategy. In which case you would need to make efforts to shift them to maximize your business results. If these unwritten rules are established in alignment with your strategy, you can rely on them, leverage them to get things done the most productive – for your specific company – way. 

No two companies are the same. We help you engage the hearts and minds of your coworkers to effectively collaborate functionally, cross-functionally, on teams, and interpersonally, that maximize business results specifically for your company. 

We help you build or transform the powerful engine within your company so you can maximize your business results.

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