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Why work with us?

Status quo is shifting. We live at the time of epic, both tidal and exponential change, the kind of change that forces us to shift to new ways of working. 


As a business owner or business leader, you are facing a number of new emergent challenges, both on the business side and the people side of your company. These challenges require us to be more effective at collaboration and partnership. That’s where we come in.


The unwritten rules your company lives by and the intangible interpersonal relationships on your leadership team or with your business partner, how your teams collaborate cross-functionally, make a very tangible impact on the bottom line and outcomes of your business actions: they can save or waste time and effort in execution, they can bring to life the best ideas or not. These intangible, unwritten aspects of your company life is becoming a new asset class.

our Mission

We work to bring humanity to the workplace, for the sake of business and human effectiveness. We help small and mid-size businesses align their culture to business strategy so that you could achieve your goals faster and easier. 

Our vision for you

We see your organization as a community of people who work together effectively and deliver business results. Your business partners, or leadership team members are in sync. It is easy to get alignment, and every time your relationships get stronger, and the business benefits from it. Your coworkers understand each other, they are engaged, committed. Your projects happen with engagement and without wasting time or effort. 

What you can expect from us

Deep expertise in industry best practices, as well as proprietary methodology

Challenging your thinking, asking questions, offer observations

We bring our perspective and say things the way we see them, without minimizing or sugar coating

Your in the moment shifts when working live


our approach
how we are different

Organizational culture and collaboration live in meetings and relationships between coworkers, not in corporate communications. Nor is it only represented through engagement groups. The biggest lever for organizational culture is often omitted both in consultant and researcher approaches: interpersonal relationships. By focusing on all four layers of organizational life: the individual, the team, the organization as a whole, and the interpersonal relationships, we can help you gain a significant edge over your competitors.

There are many consulting companies offering culture work. You may have come across other cultural approaches, some of which may focus on establishing values, others on engagement, or climate (how employees feel about the the way company works). These are important things, but when it comes to culture, they offer an incomplete approach. What’s lacking is the most powerful elements of culture producing the most tangible and fast difference: interpersonal relationships and organizational norms, rules, and systems. We are focused on helping you develop an edge in your business, we disentangle the complexity of both relationships and norms/rules/systems. 

 Our work is based on these principles

We believe that each company culture is, and should be, unique. Because its identity, purpose, vision, and strategy are different from everyone else.

Culture is the engine behind company’s success. For the company to succeed in achieving its strategic objectives, organizational culture needs to be in service of business strategy. 

Organizational culture is not engagement, morale, purpose, or brand perception. It is the combination of mostly unwritten rules that employees of an organization share do things and relate to each other.   

Collaboration is not the same as coordination. Coordination is about distribution of work and responsibility among coworkers or teams or organizations. Collaboration is the process of working together towards a shared outcome through shared responsibility and coordinated actions.

Interpersonal relationships between coworkers can help or hinder company’s success by wasting or saving time and effort. They are a single most important leverage for your business results. 

One-way communication doesn’t create change. Meaningful conversation does.

Dr. Olga Tararukhina,
Founder & Principal

As an organizational consultant and coach, holding Ph.D. degrees in Economics and in Psychology, and certified as Transformational Coach, with an extensive experience in organizational consulting, I’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of professionals and leaders improve collaboration and culture in their teams and organizations. I am an expert in clarifying and disentangling the complexity of professional relationships. As a cross-cultural researcher and social psychologist, I believe that effective person-to-person relationships in the workplace are foundational for a strong organizational culture, for effective delivery of business results, and for leading change.

I work in English, French, and Russian languages.

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