You are in! Here are the next steps


So glad you are joining me in this Masterclass! 

To ensure you set yourself up for success, please take a moment to take action on the following information and next steps to maximize your learnings. I also have sent you this information by email.

Important information:

The Masterclass will take place live on Zoom on [date]

At that time, please click on the link below to join: 

how to get the most of the masterclass:

1. watch a video

In this video, I explain some of WHAT will be helpful to influence others; in the Masterclass, we will go into HOW to make that happen.

cultured company, unwritten rules, organizational culture, company culture, OLGATARA

Because this class is live, I can tailor it to the needs of yourself and your fellow attendees, if you let me know. If you’d like that, please take this quick survey to let me know what are some of the most burning questions or concerns you are bringing to the class.

3. Organize

Block 90 min for the day of Masterclass

The training itself is a packed 60-minutes class but I strongly suggest you block additional 30-minutes at the end to reflect on your learnings and develop an action plan. I recommend taking a moment right now to block time out in your calendar and to add the Zoom info.

Get ready for practical exercises, individually and in breakout rooms

An important part of learning that helps deepen and solidify the a-ha moments happens through learning from others and sharing your learnings with them.

Expect reminders from me

I am sure you are busy and that you have many things competing for the same time this masterclass will be taking place. To help remind you about this commitment I will send you a few reminders over email.