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influencing others is not just about being smart

It is about being effective with people: get them to hear and understand your ideas, hear their needs and concerns, ability to align, deal with resistance, and more.

Join us in this masterclass to learn and practice the core skills of collaboration and influence, in a human, natural way with absolutely no manipulation.  

what you'll learn:

knowledge and skills to develop expertise in the following areas:

Engaged Diverse Coworkers, Colleagues, Partners

build relationships

Genuinely connect with coworkers, whether they are peers, leaders, or direct reports by developing key skills: empathy, assertiveness, listening, but more importantly by being yourself, capitalizing on your strengths. 

gain alignment

Whether you run a team, are a team member, or work in a cross-functional environment, the practice and process of alignment is key.

deal with resistance

Resistance is a normal and healthy reaction to change; and when you are introducing a new idea, you are asking others to change. 

Understanding what kind of resistance you are encountering and how to deal with it, will help you act faster and more effectively.

connect virtually

Despite technological functionality advancements, we can’t yet replace working in person with working virtually: we can’t have a spontaneous conversation leading to a new creative solution, and  video is not always enough. 

Genuine connection and flexible structure are the missing piece.

Online Video Conference Call. Remote Webinar Meeting

ready to increase influence
at work?

Register now for this Masterclass to help you be effective with people at work.

Here's what our clients say:

.My business partner and I took the alignment course Dr. Olga Tara offered us when we needed to find a way to get more effective in how we follow through on the decisions. Olga is both were very insightful and extremely knowledgeable and led us on the path of self discovery. That training helped us get the tools to be able to refocus, re-define, and re-align with our original mission which is critical to the future success of our practice. Also to my pleasant surprise, I found Dr. Olga to be having enormous and honest practical wisdom on accessing the flow and ease of carrying out the business. 

Dr. Promila Banerjee

Olga brings with her services a level of grace, depth and clarity that I’ve found to be tremendously impactful. Her resilient positivity, meticulous attention to nuance, and practical style of consultation has led to incredible team collaboration/efficiency and invaluable personal growth. In my experience, she is simply uncommon amongst the uncommon at her craft.

Leon Van Hook III

Have more questions?
Here are more answers:

This Masterclass is designed for independent thinkers who are ready to have their ideas make an impact. It is for those who are new to leadership.

Not exactly. While communication is part of relationships, alignment, meetings, dealing with resistance, we are not going to focus on speaking, writing, or other communication methodologies. 

YES!Both 1:1 and team / partner coaching. I do recommend that you take this masterclass first, which will help. From there we can identify short terms and long terms goals and work on them together.  

There is of course content to learn in the masterclass, but for your insights to be relevant and applied and become skills, it is essential that you participate and do exercises. We will have both during the course.

The class itself is 90 minutes, and it includes content, exercises, and answering questions at different times during our time together. I highly recommend booking 120 min to allow 30 min after the class to create an action plan.

The class will be recorded, and you will be able to access the recording of general sections for a month post the Masterclass. We encourage you to attend in person though. First, because there will be live exercises and interaction that may or may not be recorded and/or shared post meeting: we respect confidentiality to the attendees. Second, because in a live class you can ask your questions answered and hear the answers to the questions of others’.

Please reach out to hello@drolgatara.com to discuss your team needs.

NO. This masterclass is dedicated to your learning insights and acquiring skills and knowledge. Post class, we will follow up with additional information about other hopefully relevant topics you can learn from us, digital products we offer, and about coaching with us, so we can continue helping you increase your effectiveness if you need us.

ready to increase influence?

Register now for this Masterclass to help you be effective with people at work.

meet your trainer:
Dr. Olga Tararukhina

As an organizational consultant and coach, holding Ph.D. degrees in Economics and in Psychology, and certified as Transformational Coach, with an extensive experience in organizational consulting, Olga has had the privilege of helping hundreds of professionals and leaders improve collaboration and culture in their teams and organizations. She is an expert in clarifying and disentangling the complexity of professional relationships. As a cross-cultural researcher and social psychologist, she believes that effective person-to-person relationships in the workplace are foundational for making a true impact.

Ready to increase your influence?

Register now for this Masterclass to help you be effective with others at work.