Relationship intelligence is a contemporary superpower: it is the leverage for organizational productivity, individual wellbeing, and personal meaning.

We can help if you are:

  • An entrepreneur or a business owner, who want to design your company culture to ensure its longevity; who may need to effectively establish or re-start strategic partnerships within the company or outside
  • Intrapreneur, looking to bring your ideas to life as an employee within a larger company —> I can help quickly establish meaningful relationships with stakeholders, ensure alignment, and rally support for your business idea
  • Executive, who needs to build a community and align the organization to a renewed business strategy or while transforming the business; or who needs to introduce more innovation, creativity, and team cohesion into a mature company
  • M&A team that needs to deliver a seamless cultural integration or transformation into a new identity, while increasing trust, efficacy, and collaboration in the new organization
  • Board that needs clarity of vision, empowerment, and connection between members

If this is who you are, we can help engage the hearts and minds of your coworkers. You can make a reality: 

  • an organization fueled by collaboration and purpose, focused on the impact you are set to make
  • strong reliable relationships with your business partners

Dr. Olga Tararukhina recently came to speak to the Accuity Women’s Network about developing and maintaining professional relationships, and it was an instant hit among the women who were able to attend.  With a balance of presentation and interactive prompts, the Accuity Women’s Network were not only able to learn valuable tips on professional relationships, but also bond with the members on a more personal level.  Dr. Olga Tararukhina is an excellent presenter, and her knowledge on maintaining professional relationships is unparalleled. The Accuity Women’s Network absolutely loved having Dr. Olga Tararukhina join us, and we hope to have her back again in the future!

Erin S. December 4, 2019